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Saturday, July 11th, 2020.

There are ideas in the Bible that show up repeatedly. The reason why they show up repeatedly is to test your heart and ears.

The wrong heart responds to repetition with a groan. Each repetition makes them less interested and they long for something new. Their ears become dull, and they shut their eyes to the repeated topic.

“Yes, yes, heard it before. I know that already.” Skip.

God repeats things to turn off the spiritually hard-hearted, deaf, and blind.

When someone is always in search of the rare and unique this tells you something about their heart and ears. Their study will end up being unprofitable or nonexistent.

The right heart responds to repetition with more interest. Their ears listen more closely for that idea, and their eyes look to find more repetitions.

“This has come up before. This must be significant. I wonder how important it is.” Search and study.

The reason the same topics show up repeatedly in the Bible is because they are important themes.

You will never find an important teaching in scripture that is only taught by one or two verses.

Spend most of your time finding and studying the important themes in the Bible and your understanding will benefit greatly.

Grace over all,

Justin “themes” Johnson

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