Studies in Genesis 1-11

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014.

Genesis is divided into four major sections. The first section in chapters 1-11 covers a third of human history.

The pace is extremely fast pausing for brief moments with Adam and Noah.

Along the way we studied the origins of:

– The universe
– The Earth (plants, animals, food)
– The first man and woman, and marriage
– Sin and death
– Brass, iron, cities
– Nations, tribes, languages, and tongues
– Babylon and false religion

The Bible is not without controversy, and we did not hide from the disputes.

– Creation, evolution, and the gap theory in Genesis 1
– The supposed contradiction between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2
– The origin of the devil and the fall in Genesis 3
– The identity of the sons of God in Genesis 6
– The global extent of the flood in Genesis 7-8
– The so-called racial prophecy in Genesis 9

We learned some valuable lessons:

– Man made in God’s image
– Man made in his own image
– Obedience and sacrifice
– Mercy before Judgement
– God’s grace before it was explained to Paul
– The first covenants from God

God’s interventions and man’s responsibilities were different at that time than they are today. Genesis and Romans should be rightly divided, but we need to understand both to see the big picture.

Romans explains what God has been doing for the past 2000 years.
Genesis 1-11 explains how God intervened for the first 2000 years.

All 21 weeks of study of Genesis 1-11 can be found on our Genesis verse by verse page.

Study for yourself what happened in the beginning.

For His glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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