Spring 2023 Traveling Meeting Report

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, May 27th, 2023.

Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee are beautiful places to visit in the spring.

Much better than the views and good weather was meeting those who came out to the meetings we held earlier this month in each of those states. Thank you to all who attended!

We traveled 2,500+ miles over the course of 10 days and had 4 different meetings.

We answered many questions and handed out hundreds of free books and tracts (as we do back home as well).

We met saints who had listened to us for years, and we met some who did not know about our ministry back home. (Most find us on online.)

Many did not know what a mid-Acts Pauline dispensational Bible believing church meeting was like. They do now.

An important few were faithful workmen who had been trying to get a church ministry established and were able to connect with others who were looking for such a work.

We need faithful workmen.
We need faithful churches.
We thank God for opportunities to help create them both.

We will be scheduling more traveling meetings in different states in the future. You will hear about them first through this weekly email. Stay tuned!

For God’s grace,

Justin “back home again” Johnson

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