Email Tips: Spit Out the Bones

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 .

If you’ve ever eaten a whole fish you understand the dangers of their tiny bones that often hide within very delectable meat.

Unlike big steak bones, tiny fish bones can be swallowed without even knowing it. It can cause serious damage.

It is necessary to spit out the bones of bad doctrine when reading or listening to many great Christian men in the past or present. Sometimes the bones are too dangerous and the whole thing must be discarded.

You would never give a baby or young child a whole fish to eat. They may choke.

Christians who cannot rightly divide are babies at Bible study. They swallow anything put in front of them. Until they can discern meat from bone, they should not be consuming resources that require a lot of spitting.

Learning right division requires everything be reevaluated. We need more mid-Acts resources. We need more meat and less bones. If you would not compromise with a baby, do not compromise in ministry.

“…charge some that they teach no other doctrine…” – 1 Tim 1:3

For His Glory,

Justin “where’s the meat” Johnson

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