Similar Things Can Be Different

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

All babies are the same. Sleep. Eat. Mess. Repeat.

That is not what makes my baby different from yours. My baby’s eyes are brown, he eats seaweed and has a pet monkey. Similar things can be different.

This is simple enough. So, then, why do some make the huge mistake of thinking that similarities in the Bible prove there are no differences.

Moses and Paul appeal to grace. “See! There is no difference in their messages!” (wrong)

John and Paul wrote of faith. “See! There is no difference in their gospels!” (wrong)

Paul quotes Isaiah. “See! There is no difference in what they preach!” (wrong)

Peter and Paul spoke in tongues/baptized/preached in synagogues. “See! There is no difference in their ministries!” (wrong)

My baby and your baby both sleep and eat. “See! Our babies must be twins!” (creepy)

Similarity does not remove every difference. Likewise, showing a difference does not mean there is nothing in common. Similar things can be different.

The differences are what make them distinct and separate. A single difference means they are not identical. A million similarities cannot remove a single difference.

Two things are not the same simply because they have things in common. You must show that there is nothing different, otherwise leave my baby alone.

For your benefit,

Justin “distinction is discernment” Johnson

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