Show Me the Verse

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Saturday, October 21st, 2017.

There is less than one week left until this year’s Ambassadors Seminar! The theme this year is The Reformation: A Closer Look at Salvation.

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Whether you know it or not the doctrinal battles of the Reformation upset the Western world to such a degree that the effects can still be seen 500 years later.

Have you ever heard someone say this or that was “written in stone” or was not “in black and white”?

When people explain deeply held values and beliefs they describe what is “in my book” or what is “not in my book”.

Still in many circles (including the online meme makers) quoting a Bible verse is seen as more authoritative than saying the same thing anonymously.

Even the ignorant have an inkling that quoting the Bible is quoting authoritative Christian source material which can overrule any Christian teacher.

When the thought pops up in your mind to “find a verse for that” or for a teacher to “show me the verse”, you are appealing to the doctrinal foundation of the Reformation of holding to scripture alone!

These ideas hearken back to the sola scriptura debates of the Reformation where God’s written words (scriptura) stood alone (sola) as the final authority.

God wrote the law in stone for Moses to give the people to read. His oral transmission did not have the authority of what was immovable and infallibly written in stone.

When the Bible was printed in black ink and white paper of the newly invented printing press, it represented doctrinal authority over any man’s opinion, even if he sat in a Papal chair.

This year’s Ambassador’s seminar we will be speaking about the doctrine of the Reformation and its place in the past, present, and future of Christianity.

Join us in taking a brief look at history to identify and solve the problems holding back the church of today from making history again.

For His glory,

Justin “black and white” Johnson

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