Email Tips: Seminar 2011

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 .

We are one week away from our annual Ambassadors Seminar. This year’s theme is Israel and the Church. You can find the itinerary, directions, and times here:

Our seminars are not meant to be a gathering of the grace club, but are oriented around establishing new people in sound doctrine. Every year we have had some new people and some old people. The old people are there to help the new.

If you are new then I encourage you to come out, six sessions in two days is a bang for your buck. Bytheway, the only bucks you will spend is on gas to get here and dinner on Saturday. Everything else is provided free. We don’t even want your “love gift of any amount”.

There will be time for your questions to be answered in a friendly environment. As a bonus we will finally help you learn to which tribe of Israel you belong. You can’t beat that!

Hope to see you here!

Pressing on,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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