Seeing What Is The Mystery (Seminar)

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, October 19th, 2019.

It is all too common for people to think that every part of the Bible is about them. That’s how I thought until I saw that there were differences in what God was doing and with whom.

Israel is not me.
The law is not given to me.
The promises and kingdom are Israel’s, not mine!

What I thought was about me, was not, and so those parts of the Bible were separated leaving me with a small portion that described God’s specific revelation to and about the church today: Paul’s epistles.

This identified why there were so many controversies and divisions within Christianity! Splits over covenants and laws and Israel need not be! They are not written to us!

The answer was found in the progressive revelation, dispensational Bible study, and right division!

This was enough to start learning things that differed from the Bible. All scripture became profitable when understood in its context.

Yet, there was something missing. It is not enough to see things that differ if we do not know why and see the things that are excellent.

Knowing that Israel was not me, does not tell me who I am.
Knowing Israel’s promises were not mine does not explain what God gave to me, why, and how to walk.

What is this glorious mystery? Why is it different? How does it excel? How do I live by it?

Today is our annual Ambassadors Seminar. The theme is Mystery Made Clear. What is unclear is whether you will make it. It lasts all weekend, and like the body of Christ, admission is free.

Join us as we learn to see what is the glorious fellowship of the mystery!

Hope to see you here!

Justin “come a long way” Johnson

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