Email Tips: Resolving Apathy

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 .

Apathy literally means without passion or interest. How do you minister to someone who is just not interested in the Bible?

You cannot solve a lack of passion unless you possess an abundant passion yourself.

People are naturally attracted to exciting and interesting things. Apathy can be changed by people who express interest toward a thing.

No one would care about politics (economics, foreign policy, bureaucracies, taxes, etc) except that there is so much excitement built up by impassioned media. Those invested in it are preachers of politics.

Impassioned teachers make class more interesting. Impassioned people bring more energy to life. They will preach what makes them excited.

When you rejoice at the word of God, then it will rub off on apathetic people. Even if it rubs them the wrong way, and stirs them up to opposition, it will resolve their apathy.

Apathy can be cured, but not by Christians who don’t care themselves. If you show excitement and interest in the Bible rightly divided, the revelation of the mystery, and the gospel of the grace of God, then your interest can be contagious.

For His glory,

Justin “pathos” Johnson

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