Remember, You Don’t Belong Here

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, November 11th, 2023.

There is nothing like the news to remind me that this world is not my home.

Take for example the recent hubbub about new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. One headline announced that he was an “extreme Christian fundamentalist” for mentioning the Bible was his worldview.

As one who would gladly wear the label “Christian fundamentalist” right next to my “Bible believer” badge, reading that one akin to myself was elected to lead the leaders piqued my interest.

Of course, in this headline labeling him a “Christian fundamentalist” was not a true proclamation for the people to rejoice (Prov 19:2), but an exaggerated warning as if Bubonic plague had returned from its death in the Scopes trial of the early 20th century. In searching for his bone fides as an “extreme Christian fundamentalist”, all I could find was what appeared to be a mild Southern Baptist.

If that is what defines an extreme Christian fundamentalist these days, then I must be so far out of the Overton window that you will find me lying face down in the street next to the truth (Isa 59:14).

If mentioning the Bible as your worldview is what grants you such reproach, imagine what would have happened if he had uttered the words “King James Bible” or “mid-Acts dispensational right division”.

Then again, according to George Barna, only about 4% of Americans have a Biblical worldview. So, it appears that even among the “extreme Christian fundamentalists” of this world, I don’t belong.

“Not belonging” would aptly describe an ambassador on the job, much more an ambassador of God’s grace who knows that the Bible is true and that the God of the universe dwells in him (1 Cor 3:16).

Remember, we do not belong here.
This is why we have church meetings.


Justin “no place like home” Johnson

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