Questions About God’s Calling

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Saturday, September 24th, 2022.

We are only three weeks away from our 2022 Ambassadors Seminar: The Will of God Made Clear. One of the sessions will deal specifically with God’s calling for you.

Have you ever wondered what if God called you to something, but you missed the call?

If God calls you to something, can he withdraw the call based on bad performance, or is it a lifetime appointment? Can God fire you? If so, will you get another calling, or are you left spiritually unemployed?

Does God call people to be bureaucrats? Why don’t more people claim God’s calling after failure? (There are a lot more failures than successes.)

What if you spent a lifetime at something you thought was God’s calling but was not, and then found out you wasted your time? (I’ve received quite a few testimonies like this.)

If God has a calling for you and me, he better speak up, make it clear, and tell us what he expects, or else we are throwing darts in the dark.

The good news is that he has.

God has called each one of us according to his will. He has made it clear (In Bible language: “it is now made manifest”- 2 Tim 1:9-10).

Paul writes more about “calling” than anyone else in the Bible. To understand God’s calling for you today, you must understand what Christ revealed to Paul.

Make plans to attend our free Ambassadors Seminar in three weeks to get your questions answered about God’s calling. Let us know you are coming through the link below.

For His glory,

Justin “long distance caller” Johnson

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