Email Tips: Printable Bible

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 .

Having a hard time finding a Bible with a font size
that you can read? Perhaps the margins are not
as wide as you would like.

This week’s tip is your answer: the printable Bible.

This site offers free downloadable PDF and Word
files of the complete Bible text.

Download them, adjust the font size and margins to
your liking, and print. With a few dollars spent on
paper, ink, and a binder you can have a complete
Bible with extra large print and margins for a fraction
of the cost!

If you are studying one portion, print only that book
and draw on it to aid in your study. You can transfer
your final notes to your computer commentary or
your expensive Bible later.

For his glory,

Justin ‘print-your-own-Bible’ Johnson

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