Preaching to Those That Already Know

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to preach to elders. After all, they probably already know the doctrine you studied (and possibly more).

How do you preach to the more spiritually mature than you?

With this knowledge: preaching does not require you know more than someone else. Preaching requires you care about what you are saying.

Anyone who knows truth and cares about it can preach. The goal of preaching is to get others to care about what they already know. This requires more care, not more knowledge.

If you don’t care, then you should not be preaching to anyone. If you can’t answer the question of why it matters, then it is not important enough to preach. Not everything you know is worthy of your care.

When you grow in understanding, you should also be growing in care for what others may already know: the cross, Jesus, the Bible, grace, etc. This is exactly where we need more solid preaching.

The most known things in the Bible are often the most important. What is lacking is people caring enough about them to live by them and preach it.

Don’t worry about your audience already knowing what you are saying. Say it again, and this time explain why it is important and why it matters. You’ll find yourself energizing the doctrine that is already known by others. This is called preaching.

You are caring about the wrong things if you only care about teaching people what they don’t know. Care enough to preach about what they already do.

For all the preachers,

Justin “preach it!” Johnson

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