Preachers to Kings

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, June 27th, 2020.

Bible prophets were not simply religious men ministering in synagogues and temples. They were preachers to kings and those who ruled empires.

When you read through the prophets imagine them not as letters to a church or to the most devout, but preaching to kings and all that were in authority.

Many spoke to world powers and emperors. Daniel was preferred above presidents and princes.

What makes this amazing to consider is the language of the prophets lack diplomacy and soft-peddling language. The prophets are filled with clear and plain condemnation of sin and vivid descriptions of a glorious future if these rulers repented and obeyed God.

Though God is not working through his covenant with Israel today, Paul was no less bold in addressing kings and appealing to Caesar evangelizing their servants and preaching repentance, righteousness, and judgment so that these faithless leaders would see their sin and trust the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

The problem in the world is sin. Prophets are a good example of God calling out the world on it. Though they were specifically addressing the nations of that time, it is easy to see that nations of men fall into the same sins today.

If you want to know what it’s like to study the prophets dispensationally, then follow along in our Isaiah study on Tuesdays. We are ten chapters in and it is proving the truth that “all scripture is profitable” (2 Tim 3:16), especially when you rightly divide it (2 Tim 2:15).

For His glory,

Justin “preacher” Johnson

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