Email Tips: Old But Good Resources

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 .

A website visitor wrote me this week explaining the
usefulness of an article he had found on the website.

It was a great encouragement to me, but there are
more than 500 resources on the website now and I
could not identify which one he was referring to without
the title.

It reminded me that as time goes by there are some
great resources that are lost in the shuffle. Here are
some old resources from years ago that I’ve used
repeatedly to help others understand right division.

*Complete in Christ

*Secret Since the World Began

*What Would Jesus Do?

*Calvin’s Election Doesn’t Work

*How to Rightly Divide

Write me and let me know what your favorite Bible
study has been, or what resources you use most
often when explaining the gospel or right division
to people.

They might not be from my small site. Maybe you
only use the Bible in your hand. Which passages
do you use most often?

For His glory,

Justin “oldies but goodies” Johnson

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