Email Tips: New Ways to Learn

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 8th, 2011 .

For a long time in history universities and libraries were the
only places where books and access to knowledge was found.

Those who had access to those resources became “experts”
in information. At one point, Catholic churches tried to keep
the Bible from the commoner so that the church leaders could
retain their “expertise” to scripture.

Today, most everyone has a bookshelf, an internet connection,
a Bible, and an eReader. The distance between so-called experts
and the average person is diminishing to the space between
the ears.

(Some self-proclaimed “experts” may not have much there either.)

All it takes to become experienced in the Bible is to read
it, believe it, rightly divide it, and obey it. You have a Bible.
You have a dictionary. You can become an expert.

All it takes is study. Get to it! Show yourself an unashamed
workman and grow in your understanding.

You can start here.

For his glory,

Justin “student” Johnson

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