Email Tips: New Search Feature

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 .

Paul says the riches of Christ were unsearchable (Eph 3:8).
You could not find them revealed in Israel’s scriptures.

With the revelation of the mystery and some help from
Google you can now search the entire Grace Ambassadors
website of over 500 resources to learn about these riches.

The search box is at the top right of every page. It uses
Google’s search algorithm to give you results only from
our website.

If you put quotes around a phrase it will search for the whole
phrase on every page of the site including the pdf outlines!
It also works great when you search for Bible references.

Try it by searching for “Eph 3:8” (don’t forget the quotes).

Here are the results.

For his glory,

Justin “search the scriptures” Johnson

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