Never Read a Single Verse

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, June 19th, 2021.

Verse numbers were added to the Bible in the 16th century for easier reference and study purposes. (Imagine telling everyone to turn to page 756, 2nd paragraph, 3rd line.)

They were not added to define doctrines or segregate a complete thought.

This means a single verse by itself is always taken out of a context. Therefore, a verse should never be interpreted in isolation. Doctrines should not be built from a single verse.

When you read a verse that gives you trouble standing alone, begin by putting it back into its context and read the verses and chapters around it. Most of the time the interpretation will become clear.

Removing a verse from its context can be used to prove many wrong things. It also undermines the concept of progressive revelation.

Every verse has a context, history, and dispensational application that can not always be understood from a single verse.

For truth,

Justin “31,102” Johnson

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