Email Tips: More Profitable than College

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 .

Here is something you will never hear in a graduation commencement speech.

The word of God and prayer is more profitable than a college education.

This is heresy in a culture that worships higher education. If more knowledge means more success, then the most important thing for our children is college preparation followed by college graduation.

The Bible says, “knowledge puffeth up.” No wonder we live among selfish “me” generations. Self service is not success.

Success in life comes from understanding the truth and serving God. The most important thing for our children is life preparation through the word of God and prayer.

Humility before the Lord is not approved course material for most colleges, but it is required reading in the Bible.

Job skills, education, and training are easily acquired, but godly character is harder to develop. Godly character comes from the word of God and prayer. Start early.

Education without character makes a good work bad.

Learn the word of God and prayer and you will be prepared for life and every good work.

For His glory,

Justin “commencement” Johnson

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