Email Tips: Ministry to the Rich

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 .

Some people show no need for Christ. They seem to have everything without him.

They may have good relationships with family and friends, a happy outlook, moral behavior, and all the material comforts a person needs.

You might think it is easier to minister to someone living with broken relationships, immorality, poverty, and a general need for help. At least then you could present Christ as the answer to their problems.

How do you minister Christ to people who do not appear to have any problems? How do you minister to those rich in money and life?

Ministering Christ as a means to a better life is wrong and unprofitable. It excludes from ministry all of those who already possess a comfortable existence. Christ does nothing for them.

Every man needs Christ because of their sins, for truth, and eternal life.

Does it shock you that those who live in comfort, wealth, and happiness without Christ have sin?

Is it a surprise that the wisest men that seem to always be at the head of the class can lack the truth of God?

What we have in this life will not last. Trusting in riches is uncertain. Possessions are temporal. Circumstances change. Sin affects us all.

When people think they do not need Christ, it is because they are trusting their uncertain riches and in even more fleeting circumstances.

The message to both the rich and poor is the same. The present circumstances are temporal. Trust Christ’s work for our sins to receive what is eternal.

We do not minister a better temporal life through Christ. We minister eternal life through Christ. Everyone will see this need if they wait long enough.

Don’t let them wait.
Show them what is down the road.

For His glory,

Justin “looking ahead” Johnson

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