Email Tips: Memorizing Scripture

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 .

Sometimes people ask me how to better memorize Bible verses.

It is extremely important to know your Bible, and time memorizing verses is time well spent. When you memorize verses they will be in your mind as tools ready when you need them.

However, just having tools does not mean you know how to use them. Memorization is easier when what you use what you are trying to remember.

In my experience, as I spent more time studying passages to understand the doctrines an amazing thing happened. I began to memorize verses or parts of verses without even trying.

I was thinking so much about the words of a passage to understand them in their context, that my mind would automatically recall them.

The same goes for books of the Bible. You naturally remember where the most used books of the Bible are. Try finding Habakkuk your memory will fail you. It is just not used very often, and if you don’t use it…

New language learners testify that the best way to memorize new words is to use them in conversations. Perhaps the reason why you have trouble remembering verses is because you do not use them very often.

Bible understanding is much better than Bible recitation.

Memorizing Bible verses is profitable, but only if you are going to use them. Otherwise it may be a waste of time. Spend time reading and studying and memorization will come naturally.

For His glory,

Justin “chapter and verse” Johnson

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