Email Tips: Marginal Notes

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 .

There are not many books written about the Bible from
a mid-Acts dispensational perspective. Most of the books
I read I must carefully find the meat and spit out the bones.
(I do a lot of spitting.)

To help me identify the problem areas I write simple codes
in the margin.

Here are a few of my most used:

– P/M – Used when the author fails to rightly divide prophecy
from mystery. (This is common.)
– OC – Used for when the author uses scripture out of its context.
– DIsp – Used when the author thinks all of the Bible is for our
– TR – Used when the author attacks my translation, or makes
weak arguments based on “a better translation would be”

This practice helps with me to analyze what I am reading as
I am reading it, and helps to clearly identify the bones.

It is sad to see how many wrong conclusions are produce by
a failure to P/M.

If you don’t like to write in your books then download the Kindle
version and attach your notes digitally. This way your notes are
searchable on your computer.

Staying in the margins will help you from falling into the errors
of the mainstream.

For his glory,

Justin “no bones” Johnson

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