Email Tips: Make Your Own Calendar

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 16th, 2010 .

Inevitably, there are millions of people reading Genesis
this morning and Matthew this evening. That is, if you
are not in the unfortunate 30% who have already broken
their New Year’s resolution.

What you will be learning about is Abraham’s covenant
of circumcision and Peter rebuking Jesus for talking
about crucifixion.

The most popular Bible reading calendar does not
begin to tell you about what God is doing in this
dispensation until Aug-Sept when you begin Romans.

If you are the calendar type there is a better way.
Make your own.

While most calendars suggest reading from the Old
Testament and New Testament each day. Try to
take a reading from Mystery and Prophecy each day.

Start with Romans. Read it alongside of Matthew.

While reading them ask, “How do I get righteousness?”
You will see a big difference. Mark these differences.
Then be careful, your daily reading may turn into
profitable study.

For his glory,

Justin “read it to learn” Johnson

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