Email Tips: Make a Timeline

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, December 19th, 2020 .

In all my video lessons you see a white marker board behind me.

The main reason for it is to draw timelines. Timelines help to visualize what comes before and what comes after.

Every dispensationalist makes timelines. This is because the timing of verses, revelations, events, books, matter for understanding the dispensational context and application.

Timelines are a necessary tool because:

– God spoke at “sundry times” and we cannot put words in God’s book before he spoke them.
– The books of the Bible are not in order of time. Putting them on a timeline helps us put them in context.
– The content of the books can speak about the future or past. Knowing this, verses and passages need a timeline.
– The books were written within history, and it is important to know what was going on in history to understand many prophecies and letters.

Bible maps in Bibles help you visualize where, but Bible timelines help you visualize when.

Make timelines of Biblical history.
Make timelines of Biblical revelation.
Make timelines of prophetic and mystery events.

It will greatly help your understanding of the word of God.

For Your Growth,

Justin “whiteboard” Johnson

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