Email Tips: Live Streaming

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 .

The second largest church in America reports 26,000
members. This would be unexciting except the majority of its
members join through live internet streaming.

Many churches have “satellite” locations that stream the
preaching from one location all around town.

While we don’t boast of multiple locations or thousands
of members (we don’t even keep membership rolls), many
people through the website have expressed that they would
like to attend a Bible believing mid-Acts group but do not
have one in their area.

Well, there is good news!

Three months ago we started streaming our meetings
live on our website.

This means if you live beyond driving distance you can
become a satellite location of Grace Ambassadors.

Here’s how:

1. Invite all your Bible believing friends to your house.
2. Turn on your computer.
2. Go to
3. At 10am on Sundays and 7pm Tuesdays click Play
on the streaming video.

Now you are joining our meetings live! You can send
your questions and comments about the lessons from
the same computer!

If you are apt to teach you can answer the questions
afterward on your own.

While meeting together face to face is best, sometimes
it is not possible. Last month’s snow storms kept us out
of our building, but streaming allowed our entire group
to meet virtually.

If you don’t have your own local group that teaches
the mystery of Christ then start your own! You can
start by streaming our meetings.

For his glory,

Justin “Live!” Johnson

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