Email Tips: Listen First

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 11th, 2011 .

Sometimes the best way to start a conversation
with someone is to listen.

It earns the trust and respect of others when you
consider their perspective, instead of immediately
responding with a canned answer.

This is hard for people who want to always be right.
It is easy to respond quickly and adamantly, but
often this is the sign of a fool whose pride fears
anyone getting the first or last word.

Listen to what people say. Learn their perspective.
Think about what they say and pause before you answer.

Some wise guy once said: “Even a fool, when he
holdeth his peace, is counted wise.” Your faith is
accountable to God, not to every one who says different.

Listen first. Don’t respond until the next time you see
them. This is called an ongoing conversation. If we
are to communicate the gospel, we must first learn
to communicate.

For His glory,

Justin “all ears” Johnson

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