Email Tips: Let’s Be Clear

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 .

Let’s be clear, much of Christianity is not.

Christians use euphemisms, vague language, personal experience, and their own dialect of Christianese when they talk about spiritual things.

This muddled mess does not go away when speaking about things that should be simple, such as how a soul is saved.

Just because Christians are unclear, does not mean God is.

The Bible can be understood… by you. It can be clear. There is a key. It is simple. It cuts the fog.

It is something you know intuitively, but have been taught not to use it.

It is something children learn from their parents, and soldiers are taught in basic training.

With this key people learn to understand the Bible on their own and send me testimonies that say:

“It makes the gospel so clear!” “Now I know why Christ said that!” “The Bible makes sense for the first time!”

Momma was clear when she said…

Do not speak unless you are spoken to. If the shoe fits, wear it. If the shoe don’t fit, leave it alone.

This is the key. Let’s be clear.

God is not talking to you on every page of the Bible. Jesus was not talking to you during his earthly ministry. Not every page describes what God is doing today.

You participate only in the parts where God is speaking to you and the shoe fits. Everything else must be identified as the wrong shoe.

Let’s be clear. The Bible needs to be rightly divided before you try walking as a Christian, else you will never understand why you keep stumbling.

For Truth,

Justin “if the shoe fits” Johnson

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