Email Tips: Learning to Walk

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 .

Our 2021 Ambassadors Seminar: Rightly Dividing Our Walk, begins today!

Toddlers learn to walk fairly quickly, but it takes Christians a while longer. Why is that?

Walking should be one of the first things you learn, and it should not be that difficult. It is basic to going through life without constantly falling over ourselves.

Toddlers learn to walk by seeing others do it and having a clear motivation to get moving. And this may be why it takes Christians longer to learn.

It is so rare to see other Christians walking in Christ, by faith, after the Spirit, and worthy of their vocation due to failure to rightly divide the Bible.

Also, many are so content with being spoon fed, listening to stories, and being carried by others, that they lack motivation to learn.

You should learn to walk, and you can learn to walk. It can be made clear to you when you learn from the Bible rightly divided – such as at our seminar this weekend!

If you cannot attend in person, be sure to join the live stream link on our seminar page.

For Truth,

Justin “walking for years” Johnson

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