Email Tips: Learn to Speak Your Own Mind

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 .

I have no wish to operate drones. Yet, people sometimes ask pastors to.

Every so often someone will get into a Biblical discussion, which becomes an argument in disguise, and when they feel they are on the ropes will throw out a line to their pastor like this…

“Tell me what to say!”

The other party does the same. The result is two pastors who are not talking directly operating drones in a remote verbal battle.

These “conversations” quickly deterioriate into my pastor said versus what your pastor said.

When I can smell this situation arising, I try to put it to a stop.

Third party debates never work, and no Biblically edifying conversation is over what a pastor says. It should be about what the Bible says.

Also, it is unwise to have someone else speak for you. You should speak and answer for yourself.

Rather than telling you what to say, it is much better for you to become persuaded from scripture to the point where you can speak your own mind with confidence.

You don’t have to answer every question or response immediately. Study it out. Be patient.

It is normal not to understand or be able to explain everything about what you believe. You can learn. You can learn from teachers, but they are only men. Don’t let them control your mind or your mouth. Leave that job for God, I don’t want it.

If you have questions, ask. But ask to learn, not because you need someone to tell you what to say. That is unacceptable.

Like minded means we all have the mind of Christ, not the mind of our favorite teacher.

Don’t substitute your mind for your pastor’s. That’s what makes drones.

For Your Growth,

Justin “hands off” Johnson

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