Email Tips: Know Your Motivation

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 11th, 2009 .

What’s your motivation for studying the Bible?

For some it is purely academic. Others do it out of habit.
Maybe you do it because it is what you are ‘supposed to do’.

If you find that Bible study is dry, boring, or fruitless then perhaps
it is a matter of the heart. Jesus taught Israel about their heart
priorities. He said where their treasure was, their heart
would be also.

To get motivated you have to readjust your priorities. If you
received fifty dollars every time you studied the book it would
quickly become a priority. Yet how much more valuable is putting
on Christ, renewing the inner man, experiencing peace, and
producing good works.

You have the opportunity to reap greater riches from the Bible
than anyone throughout history (Eph 3:8)! When you see the
value of sound Bible study then you are willing to invest in it.

Remember this when you start to feel bored with study.

~ Justin Curtis Johnson

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