Email Tips: Know Your History

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 .

It is amazing how many recent doctrinal problems have already
been solved in the past by intelligent Bible Christians.

Issues with the deity of Christ, inerrancy of scripture, subsitutionary
atonement, and pauline distinction have all been written extensively
by leaders in the past. We stand on their shoulders and build on
their foundation.

That we don’t read their writings is to our own detriment.

Our church will finish a two month series of Fundamental lessons
this Sunday with the capstone of fundamental Christianity: dispensational truth.

You can find all the previous lessons on the website:

Fundamental Series

Before knowing where to go, we must know where we’ve been.
Mid-acts Pauline dispensationalism did not come out of nowhere.

For his glory,

Justin “back to the roots” Johnson

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