Email Tips: It Only Takes a Minute

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 10th, 2009 .

“It only takes a minute.”

I say this every morning when I return from the shower
and I see a disheveled bed that needs to be made.

I reap the benefits of that one minute tenfold in pleasure
when I come home from work later in the day to a
ready-made bed.

I have 1440 minutes every day; I can spare one.

Are you having trouble reading your Bible daily?
Do it early. Start small until you get in the habit. Spend
one minute every day. It will be hard to only spend
one minute.

You will reap the benefits throughout the day when you
have the word of God daily for breakfast.

“It only takes a minute.”

Growing in Christ,

Justin “count the minutes” Johnson

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