Email Tips: Interventions that Changed History Forever

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 .

In the record of Scripture there are many accounts of God’s intervention into the affairs of men.

Many of them are marvelous and wonderful displays of God’s power.

Some of those interventions altered the course of human history radically.

The Creation – When God created the world out of nothing, he did so with purpose, creating the first man in his image so that eventually the image of God could put on humanity. Much of that purpose was kept secret, but what followed would eventually illuminate the glorious purpose behind the creation of the world.

The Cross – When God manifest in the flesh died on the cross, the history of humanity would be forever changed. The salvation of all depends upon the death of Christ shedding God’s own blood and the resurrection from the dead witnessing the quickening power of eternal life.

The Conversion – When the Lord Jesus Christ saved the chief of sinners by his grace without works, it would forever alter our understanding of God’s hidden purpose for creation, the cross, and the salvation of all. There was now a pattern for sinners to be made in His image once again by the fellowship of the mystery and the gospel of the grace of God.

Praise God for these gracious interventions. The history of mankind is defined by them. There is a reason why we have not seen an intervention to the degree of these history altering interventions.

God is not yet done in history. Where we stand, God’s will is to preach salvation to all so that they would be converted. We are following the pattern of Paul as he was revealed the mystery of the cross from before the creation of the world.

One day we will add to these events the Coming of Christ, which will again change the world forever.

History was made by the Lord. Its biggest changes were by the Lord. Our hope is in the Lord.

For truth,

Justin “changed by the Lord” Johnson

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