Email Tips: In Person Church Ministry

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, May 6th, 2023 .

For the next two weeks we will be traveling to a handful of places to meet many of you who have asked us, “Is there a church like Grace Ambassadors near me?”

In the places where we are going there is not. We would love to see that change.

What does Grace Ambassadors look like? Most of you discovered us online, and here is a peak at what you’ll find there.

Yet, there are many things not found online about Grace Ambassadors. You might have heard about our Q&A sessions, Bible study workshops, fair evangelism ministries, comnunions, and other such things that can only be done in person.

Grace Ambassadors prioritizes the teaching, but meets together with others to create workmen who are faithful to do the work of the ministry.

Our traveling meetings will exhort others to the same purpose by demonstrating some of those aspects of church ministry that can only be done in person.

Many of you have said you are coming, and we look forward to meeting you who are in Pittsburgh, Richmond, Charlotte, and Murfreesboro!

For God’s glory and grace,

Justin “itinerant introvert” Johnson

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