Email Tips: How to Stay Updated with Grace Ambassadors

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 .

When are new resources released from Grace Ambassadors?

The first to read about new resources are those that receive our email updates.

New articles are posted weekly before sending out the email. The email tips are seen exclusively by email subscribers until they are archived online the following month.

We do have a church page on Facebook, but only 3 new posts every week is about as much as Facebook folks can handle from church. So it is not the best nor most exhaustive place to find the latest resources.

[A note on social media: I do not respond to comments or private messages through Facebook, Youtube, etc. The best way to contact me is through the contact page.]

MP3s for our Sunday preaching and Tuesday verse by verse are generally posted a day or two after the meeting. Our sound team also edits and uploads the best answers from our Q&A times, but be patient, it takes longer to extract them from our 10am discussion.

Video for the lessons takes a few days longer due to processing and uploading to Youtube.

The best place
to find a list of all the new material added to the site is on the Topics page which indexes everything by date.

Every month we average 20+ new resources. It takes a few seconds for the page to load to see all 1500 resources on the site. Every one can be printed or downloaded for free.

In addition to producing new material, we receive 150+ emails and letters every month. Thank you for your kind words and support. We love receiving your questions or comments. We have already enlisted volunteers to help us respond.

Speaking of volunteers, the volunteers at Ambassadors Publishing are now offering

free shipping on everything

to make getting our books, tracts, and charts easier.

You can get a free copy of our latest book, Start Rightly Dividing, if you are in attendance at our annual Ambassadors Seminar next weekend!

+ + +

All of the volunteers at Grace Ambassadors have day jobs, families, and personal responsibilities.

We consider success hearing from new people trusting the gospel of Christ, learning to rightly divide the Bible, and being persuaded to start their own Bible studies and churches. Seeing God’s will work in you makes it all worth while!

“For ye are our glory and joy.” – 1 Thess 2:20

Keep reading these emails to stay up to date and learn about an exciting announcement that will be made at next week’s seminar.

Consider yourself updated.

For His glory,

Justin “news” Johnson

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