How Do You Walk?

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Saturday, September 4th, 2021.

“As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him” – Colossians 2:6

How we received Christ Jesus will determine how we walk in him.

If your walk is seen as a personal achievement, then perhaps that is how you think you received Christ Jesus.

If your walk is the product of how you feel, then perhaps you are convinced that receiving Jesus concerns an emotional experience.

If your walk is by the law, then perhaps you think you received Christ Jesus by your obedience to the commandments.

If your walk is directed by God’s prophetic purpose, then perhaps you think you received Christ Jesus in his ministry to Israel.

However, if you received Christ Jesus by grace through faith in the finished work of the cross, then your walk should reflect that.

This year’s Ambassadors Seminar will speak plainly about our walk and how it is affected by how we received the Lord Jesus Christ.

We would love to see you there. Get the details here:

For Truth,

Justin “one step at a time” Johnson

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