Email Tips: God’s Plan For You

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, February 26th, 2011 .

In the late twentieth century it became popular to think of God as a personal life planner.

This was made evident to me as I was reviewing a bestselling Christian book. The author said that he had always dreamed of Spanish style furniture in their house, but that God had other plans for his life. He ended up with antique American furniture.

Can I speak plainly? God couldn’t care less about the style of our parlor furniture. If he does care, then apparently IKEA and I are a match made in heaven (pun intended).

You may think this is an extreme example, but it may hit closer to home when we consider if God is planning where we will live, what job we choose, or how much money our investments make.

God’s plan was ultimately revealed by Christ to Paul. God’s mystery purpose is for you to be in Christ. He is not an interior designer, investment banker, or career counselor.

Our affections should be set on things above where our Lord resides. Instead, it seems popular to bring Christ down to Earth to plan where we reside.

I’m so grateful to know that God has delivered me from the penalty of sin and made me complete in Christ. And my prayer life is so much simpler now that I don’t have to ask for matching curtains.

For his glory,

Justin “God loves discount furniture” Johnson

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