God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life

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Saturday, September 10th, 2022.

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Have you noticed that when you hear a Christian say “God has a perfect plan for your life” that it is rarely followed up with an explanation of the plan?

How do they know it is all that good if they don’t know what it is?

If we don’t know his plan, then how do we know what we are working toward or what part we play in it?

Is it possible to interfere or reject his perfect plan? How do I know if my choices are in line with it?

Would his plan still be perfect even if there is pain, tragedy, loss, and suffering involved?

Is his perfect plan for everybody? Can sinners and unbelievers be part of his perfect plan?

God’s “perfect plan” is another way Christians talk about the will of God. Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers coming from the church about this important subject.

While his plan may be perfect, the general Christian understanding of it, and consequent involvement in it, is far less than perfect.

God has a perfect plan. It has been revealed in the Bible. You can see it clearly in black and white. Learn to see His perfect plan at this year’s Ambassadors Seminar, October 15-16th, in Kokomo, Indiana.

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