Email Tips: God and Suffering

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 .

“Why doesn’t God stop all suffering?”

It is not suffering that God would need to prevent but life itself.

Every man/woman/child born into this present broken existence cursed by sin is subject to suffering in one way or another.

Suffering was not first introduced by God. It was introduced by humanity through sin and its consequences. God has been involved in removing suffering and sin ever since. This is called salvation.

If God were to prevent all suffering immediately, then he must needs prevent all people born in sin from being born at all.

This would be the ultimate abortion, and would be a quick end to humanity.

God knows that life is better than death, and would rather let people live with the hope of salvation, than to condemn them all to certain non-existence and death.

If there is a sure hope of salvation, then living, even in suffering, is better than not.

God does not stop all suffering right now, because it would be an abortion of life and a rejection of the hope that God can provide to all who suffer.

God is longsuffering to offer salvation.

God exhibits his will in Jesus Christ being sent to suffer and die while bringing the message of hope and life to all (Rom 5:8; 2 Tim 1:10).

God has been offering salvation to a suffering dying humanity for thousands of years. It is man that has rejected his hope of salvation.

Suffering is found in humanity, but salvation is found in God through Christ.

Suffering is not a problem for Bible believing Christianity, it is a problem for religions and a world without Christ.

For His glory,

Justin “hope in Christ” Johnson

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