Fire Update: Thank you

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, April 25th, 2020.

After reading about the fire at our building in last week’s email, many of you responded with concern, encouragement, and generosity.

Thank you.

We spent the last week working with the fire marshal and electric company and assessing the damage.

The cause: take a very old building mixed with some faulty wiring, add a pinch of hungry field mice on said wiring, cook at the right temperature, and you get an electrical fire.

These things are to be expected in a building as aged as the one we meet in. For the past couple years we have been talking about new construction to replace what will fail sooner than later.

This puts a literal fire under that conversation. Continuing ministry is important.

The Bible says “having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” To make life and ministry convenient takes more than that.

The Bible does not have chapters on building repairs, wiring, construction, excavation, digging water wells, inspections, etc. I know next to nothing about these things. If you have been thinking about what you can do in ministry, do not forget about all the parts it takes for ministry to happen. Preachers are not the only part. Not everyone preaches.

Sometimes there is a need for pulpits, pews, plumbing, PVC, power lines, posts, paneling, paint, and thousand-gallon water tankers.

There are many parts of the building required for it to be functional. There are many parts of the body that make it function.

Many of you responded with the offer of hands and help.

We thank God for you.

Justin “one small part” Johnson

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