Email Tips: Find Grace in Paul

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 .

Out of all 42 books written during the Old Testament the
word grace appears on average about once per book.
This includes Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which were
written about an old testament time.

Yet, the word ‘grace’ is used over 100 times in Paul’s
recorded ministry.

Looking at this interesting concordance information
should tell us that Paul was writing about something
different than Jesus’ earthly ministry and the old testament
promises and covenants.

God gave Paul a dispensation of grace. He wrote about
the gospel of the grace of God. It was all a mystery until him.

Numbers don’t always tell the truth, but they can point
us in the right direction. In this case, if you are looking
for grace you should turn to the mystery of Christ given
first to Paul.

For his glory,

Justin “Count it out” Johnson

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