Favorite Sermons of 2023

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, December 30th, 2023.

Another year past, another year in service to the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for the opportunity and praise Him for his grace.

Below are some of the most watched Bible lessons of 2023.

Romans: Introduction (Feb. 14)
Wrong Gospels (Apr. 9)

What is the Fellowship of the Mystery (Apr. 23)

Jesus Reveals the Mystery (Mar. 5) – This is the conclusion of the popular Earthly Ministry of Jesus Christ series.

How to Understand the Bible (Nov. 19)

The Christian Delusion (Jun. 18)

The State of Israel (Oct. 29)

Things of the Spirit (May 7)

Knowing our hope is ahead of us, part of our yearly ministry evaluation is to look back and review what was taught and how it was received. Thank you for receiving the word of God rightly divided.

If you missed these lessons the first time around, enjoy!

For your edification,

Justin “pressing on” Johnson

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