Email Tips: Faster Shortcuts on the Site

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 .

Improvements are constantly being made to the
website. One feature that you may not have
known existed is a web address shortcut.

Normally you would type this to visit the site.

But did you know that you can type slash + the name
of a book after the main address to go directly to
verse by verse lessons through the book?

For example, add /colossians to the end of the web
address to go to our Colossians page. takes you to the 40 hour
series on John.

You can also try it with some topics like /prayer, /mystery,
/salvation, and /baptism.

Of course all of these pages are accessible through the
navigation menu as well. These clean addresses can
help you quickly locate material instead of searching.

For his glory,

Justin “shortcut” Johnson

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