Easter Considerations

Justin Johnson

People spend more money this weekend than they do for the Super Bowl, Independence Day, and Halloween, but there is rarely an outcry about the evils of consumerism at Easter.

In the United States more chocolate is sold for Easter than Valentine’s Day and Halloween combined, but less common are warnings about how much you eat at Easter (likely, this has something to do with Lent).

Cadbury makes enough cream eggs in the UK for every person to have at least 3, which explains why more people talk about the best way to eat the eggs than which day the Lord resurrected (hint: it was not Sunday sunrise).

Church attendance is higher on Easter than any other week of the year except Christmas, but I don’t think that more spending, indulgence, and distraction increases people’s love for God.

You might think, “The resurrection is the reason!”, but historically, the reason Christians met every Sunday was to remember Christ’s resurrection (see above about Sunday).

The more likely reason for people considering this week more holy than the next is that churches spend more effort now than any other time of year (except Christmas) declaring these days holy. It is not a shock that people believe what they are told.

This despite the truth that the Bible does not prescribe holy days in this dispensation and does not make this week holier than next. (You might want to look this one up in the Bible.)

Christ is risen, indeed, and I with him! Every week of the year (Col 3:1-2; Gal 6:14).

Let God be true,

Justin “risen with Him” Johnson

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Published: April 16, 2022
Last Modified: June 4, 2022
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