Don’t Call Wrong Right

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, March 6th, 2021.

Visitor: “We like listening to [name removed]. He rightly divides, but he sometimes mixes Peter with Paul.”

Me: “That’s called wrongly dividing.”

Obviously, “rightly dividing” does not mean the same to everyone.

Mixing Peter and Paul’s ministries would not be Pauline right division. This is wrongly dividing.

Giving the church Israel’s position, walk, destiny, or doctrine is not dispensational right division. This is wrongly dividing.

Claiming the mystery church began in Rome or Pentecost instead of with Paul’s calling is not Mid-Acts right division. This is wrongly dividing.

Sometimes people get it half right, but that means it is also half wrong. Half right is wrong.

There are many who say they rightly divide, but don’t. Do not join them in their error: don’t call it rightly dividing if it is wrong.

Let God be true

Justin “say it like it is” Johnson

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