Dispensational Chart Lessons

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, June 19th, 2010.

Throughout the year our church will give at least a
half dozen presentations of the dispensational
chart. The chart is a visual walk through of the entire
Bible. We draw the visual on a giant white board.

It is important to step back from the verse-by-verse
study and remind ourselves what God’s big picture
contains. This bird’s eye view confirms our purpose
and part in God’s plan for the ages.

The first thing ever posted to the website was this
interactive chart. It has since moved to a new page.

Interactive Chart

You will find audio to the first three audio files posted
on the site below it. It was a presentation of the God’s
plan in three lessons. It follows the chart.

Some 1 hr dispensational chart audios are below:

Chart: The Four Gospels
Chart: God’s Changing Instructions
Chart: What Good is Hope

For his glory,

Justin “repetition” Johnson

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