Email Tips: Cracking the Bible and Finding Meat

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 .

Eating lobster is an exercise of faith.

You order it believing you will get succulent meaty seafood, but what you see is a shell covered crustacean and a mallet to make sure it’s dead.

Where’s the meat?! It’s in there, but it takes some work to find it. If you try to just bite into it, you will break your teeth.

The same result happens when people try to quickly dig into their Bible without first rightly dividing.

They want to enjoy the pleasures of God’s word, but end up choking on passages that are not about them.

“But there is so much in the Bible that is not about me. Where is my meat?!”

And, so it is with lobster. When your done with the meal there are more inedibles on the plate than meat that you ate.

But the meat is very good.

You cannot enjoy lobster unless you know to crack it open and find the meat. And, so it is with the Bible.

For His glory,

Justin “meat-eater” Johnson

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