Email Tips: Convinced People

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 .

Imagine trying to persuade someone at the airport to switch their destination to match yours. How ludicrous! They already bought the ticket, checked the luggage, and are about to board their own plane. They were convinced of their destination when they showed up.

This is what its like to evangelize someone with strong opinions contrary to the Bible.

Wouldn’t it be better to find someone not yet persuaded and talk to them about your destination? Of course. People not persuaded are easier to teach a new thing. (Be fully persuaded.)

However, if you meet someone with strong opinions don’t try to sell them another ticket. It will end in an argument or debate, and will waste your time.

Your approach with people of strong opinions should change from teaching to listening. Ask questions and let them speak. The more they talk the less persuaded they may become if you ask the right questions. Resist the temptation to answer for them.

If you can’t listen to them, then leave. It’s not our job to argue with everyone, but to make all men see (Eph 3:9). Some people aren’t looking, so, move on.

You can’t convince someone against their will. So, don’t try to convince them. Listen or leave.

For His glory,

Justin “convictions” Johnson

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