Compare and Contrast

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Saturday, October 7th, 2017.

One of the best ways to make all men see the need to study the Bible dispensationally is to compare and contrast verses.

Putting contradictory instructions on display makes it clear that we cannot do everything the Bible says.

We must discern what God is doing, and when, and that not every instruction from God is for our participation.

This dispensational concept is made clear when two or three passages are compared and contrasted.

For example, compare Genesis 17:14 with Galatians 5:2 regarding circumcision.

Genesis 17:14 says that those not circumcised are cut off from being God’s people and have broken his covenant.

Galatians 5:2 says if one becomes circumcised then Christ profits you nothing.

Which verse ought we choose, and why? One thing is made clear by comparing and contrasting. We cannnot obey both at the same time. One is wrong for us today.

For the sake of loving the Lord most will agree with Galatians 5, and rightly so.

Keep comparing and contrasting: introducing a third passage makes it more interesting.

Matthew 15:24 shows that Jesus applied Genesis 17:14 during his ministry on earth to the circumcision not the uncircumcision.

Keep comparing and contrasting: add another verse on the topic.

In Acts 15:5 the contrast between Gen 17:14 and Gal 5:2 became a major disagreement. Gen 17:14 was the instruction for those in Judaea (including the twelve apostles) all the way up to Acts 15:5.

If Galatians 5:2 is our doctrinal instruction and pattern, then Matthew 15 nor the doctrine coming out of Jerusalem in Acts 2 is our doctrinal instruction.

There are hundreds of examples like this. We have a list of one hundred here. You cannot rightly divide the scripture unless you first see the need for division. Comparing and contrasting shows the need.

Letting God be true,

Justin “make all men see” Johnson

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