College Ministry

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, August 30th, 2014.

Ministry to college students can be profitable. Our church started as a group of college students.

Next week a handful of us are going back to school to introduce the returning students to mid-Acts right division.

A new school year for college students is like New Year’s for everyone else. Everyone makes resolutions to do better.

A good tract to give them would be, “The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Year.” It explains how a good start to the year would be trusting Christ for their salvation.

At Christian universities deciding on a career, and finding a spouse are clouded in spiritual language and confused as a search for God’s will.

At our booth there will be handouts titled “God’s will for your life!“. Appropriate.

High school students have the same problem. For the past twelve years their life has been governed by superintendents and educational curriculum.

For the first time they are free to make a choice. What should they choose?! Wouldn’t it be nice if they at least knew God’s purpose?

You Can Understand Your Bible

Stop Searching for God’s will

Taking the Mystery out of God’s Will

Ministry to students can be fun and rewarding since they are engaged in looking for answers.

All it takes is an available someone helping them find answers.

Understanding the Bible rightly divided can answer your questions.

For His glory,

Justin “back to school” Johnson

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